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How to make wine and country wine, what are the ingedients?

By Chief / July 12, 2013

Question by GothNinja: How to make wine and country wine, what are the ingedients?
I’m interested on making wines but i dont know how can I produce both Grape wine and fruit wines.

One more thing , how mangosteen wine is produced, How they get the juice out of mangosteen while it had lots of seeds?

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Answer by Trid
To make wine at home, these are my favorite resources:

For virtually any fruit wine, the fruit is crushed in a press to extract the juice. Depending on the style, the pulp and seeds will be left in the must to ferment with the juice. For others, it will be strained out.

I just finished a batch of pomegranate wine (where the seeds pretty much ARE the juice) where I crushed all the pomegranates myself. It’s quite a bit of work without the proper press.

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