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My Home Brewery

Up for sale is this Custom Made 18 gal Electric HERMS Brewing System.

HERMS Stands For Heated Exchange Re-Circulating Mash System

I Have Brewed 100's of batches of beer since 2001 With This System

The Brain Or Controller Of this system along with the Brewer. Has PID's and SSR's Controls that can be programmed By Brewer to control the HLT Hot Liquid and the Boil Tank by a Sensor that is installed through Welded coupler on the side of the HLT Tank and Boil Tank, These Sensors control the Exact temps steps you need to convert starches into sugars in the Mash Tun. And exact Boil temps in the Boil Pot.

There are two on off switches on the controller to control the pumps that movement of wort through the 10000 ft of I/2 3/8 copper tubing in the HLT Tank. Another pump switch that moves the finished chilled wort to the fermenter.

You are Controlling the heating of the water that is in the HLT Tank and the wort is circulating from the mash tun through the inside of the copper coils and back into the mash tun.

The only items you will need is stands to hold the vessels and a Chiller To Cool the Wort.

Brewing Equipment for sale

240v PID SSR Controller

Hot Liquid Tank (HLT)

Mash Tun

Boil Pot


Copper Piping

Wiring diagram for Controller

Brewing system Instructions??

This System is sold as is.

Will brew a batch with Buyer?? if Local

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