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Mike Oriente

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Retired Battalion Chief with 27yrs of experience in the Fire Service. Serving the people of Hudson County New Jersey in a department called North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue protecting West New York, Union City, Weehawken, North Bergen, and Guttenburg. This area is one of the most densely populated in the the United States. The department is operating with 10 Engine companies, 4 Ladder companies, 1 Rescue company, 1 Safety Officer, 3 Battalion Chief’s and 1 Deputy Chief. Some of my specific
skill areas are Staff development and leadership, Emergency response procedures, Standard operating procedure writing, Training Instruction, Incident management, Radio communications, Fire Safety, Fire Prevention.


Wine Maker : Started making homemade wine back in 1993 with my brother John ( retired police sergeant ) In 1994 one of my good friends Anthony Avillo ( deputy fire chief ) jumped on board. In 1995 Frank Acquaviva ( retired school teacher ) another good friend joined the team. Prior to Frank joining he tasted our wine and loved it so much he stated !! ” It’s an honor to drink this ” So with all of us a part of the team with the last names of Oriente, Avillo, & Acquaviva we needed a true name for the Wine that we made incorporating all of our names. ” AQUAVILENTE ” was born !!!!!!!!   Passion / Patience / Partake / Purity / equals   THE CELEBRATION !!!!!!

Home Brewer: Started making good beer back in 1987 which lasted until 1993 when I became a wine maker. Since retirement from the Fire Dept. in 2011 I have started brewing again along with making wine. A good friend of mine Joe Cettina who is also a brewer has taught me alot about brewing good beer. Joe has helped me build a 10 gallon electric brewing system that is outstanding and producing good beer for all to have !!!! Without Joe’s help, Beggers Banquet Brewery would not be possible.  Thanks Joe !!!!!!!   I’m  getting a little thirsty at this point !!!  Need an ale anyone !!!!!!!!